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  1. How will we know which type of elevator will be used in the projects?

    In determining the elevator type, the types of the project such as shopping mall, hospital, and residence type should be determined. Machine type and speed are determined according to the needs and cabin size. It is very important to use quality doors and machines in the elevator.

  2. What safety measures do elevator doors have?

    In our daily life, elevators are very common, but occasionally we can see that many people in the news have lost their lives because of elevator accidents. Elevator accidents are also a frequent occurrence, so the words of elevator safety door are very important. It can protect our lives very well. Today I'd like to introduce some safety measures for elevator door.

      1、Set up warning signs
        The protective door of construction elevator has simple structure, reliable quality, convenient installation and use, and can be reused. It is made of square pipe and steel plate net (welding mesh) welded with steel plate. The welding joint is firm. The steel is made of national standard Q235 material. The commonly used size for shape is 1.3m*1.8m or 1.5m*1.8m. The surface is sprayed with yellow or red paint, and the bottom is sprayed with black-yellow or Red-white kickboards. In the middle, there are warning slogans of "pay attention to safety and close the door at will", which make people see clearly. Haoqian elevator protective door is strictly constructed according to the drawing, with correct size and meticulous workmanship, so as to achieve the purpose of construction safety protection.

      2、Material safety assured
        Generally, the protective door of elevator is painted with yellow paint, and the bottom is sprayed with yellow and black kickboards to achieve the purpose of warning and warning. The door frame is welded by 2*3cm square pipe of national standard (square pipe can be made according to customer's requirements). It has high strength, good welding quality and stability. The door bolt adopts galvanized complete set of door bolts with beautiful appearance and convenient use. Only elevator operators can open the protective door when the door bolts are outside, which can effectively prevent the construction workers waiting in the floor from opening the protective door. Eliminate the potential risk of parabolic or falling objects at high altitude.

      3、First safety net protection
        Elevator wellhead must set up the first safety net on the positive and negative zero floors. The upper part of every two floors, most of which are designed every 10m, must be consistent with the standard network of "safety net" gb5725-1997. The method must be checked in accordance with the relevant regulations. When the elevator installed in the safety net is dismantled, the operator shall wear the safety belt according to the regulations. In the floor and roof, a hole with a short side size larger than 1.5 m should be set around the hole in accordance with the requirements of protective railings, and a safety net should be set at the bottom.

        The daily protection of elevators is very important. Especially in our modern life, for some high-rise buildings, elevators are essential. But now elevator accidents are also frequent, so we must have an elevator protection door, so that it will be better prevented in the future, can better protect the lives and property of our people, more reassuring people to use the elevator.

  3. How to use the elevator door correctly?

      For some high-rise buildings, it is necessary to install elevators, so when the construction workers install elevators, we will see outside the construction team will generally install a construction elevator door at the elevator door. In this way, he can effectively isolate some dangers, because there may be some potential safety hazards when construction is under way. In this way, the safety of workers can be more guaranteed, and more standardized construction can be achieved. Then, let's introduce the correct use of elevator construction methods.

      1、Conduct safety checks
        When the construction elevator first runs, it must run without or full load. The ladder cage is lifted about 1m from the ground to stop. The sensitivity of the brake is checked. Then it continues to rise the floor platform and check the protective door of the construction elevator to confirm its normal operation. It is strictly forbidden to operate buttons when overloading operation elevator is running to the top and bottom floor. It is strictly forbidden to stop construction elevator by automatic collision of travel limit switch. Before starting construction elevator, whistle warning must be sounded first, and enough lighting should be provided for night operation. When one ladder cage of double cage elevator is being repaired or maintained, the other ladder cage is not allowed to operate.

      2、Safety protection requirements
        The facade is welded with small-hole steel mesh or wire mesh, which can effectively prevent the construction elevator operation accidents caused by the waiting construction workers extending their hands. It is convenient for the elevator operators to observe the situation in the building. It is also conducive to communication inside and outside the building. The middle position of the facade is sprayed with warning signs and the warning line of the foot-kicking board below, which is a wake-up call to the construction personnel. The door axle is welded by 16# round pipe, which is easy to install. It only needs to weld 90 degree right angle round pipe at the position corresponding to the door axle on the outer frame upright pole, and then hang the protective door. It is convenient to remove and remove.

      3、Operate strictly in accordance with requirements
        In the construction of the site, we should use the elevator protection door strictly in accordance with the specifications. We should not rush in and work carelessly under unknown circumstances. We should know that this is a major matter concerning the whole family and whether the construction project can be carried out safely and smoothly. When choosing and purchasing elevator protective doors for construction, we should select them strictly according to the specific requirements of the construction site. It is good to select suitable ones that conform to the construction site specifications. Every constructor should take strict precautions and put safety in the first place, and the responsibility is greater than the sky.

      When we install the elevator, it is very necessary to install a construction elevator door at the elevator door, which can not only guarantee the construction safety of workers. It can also effectively isolate safe and dangerous areas, so that the masses can be more reassured and reassured. For the correct use of construction elevator doors, the above is the whole content of today, more about elevator safety issues, please pay attention to our website in detail.

  4. What should be paid attention to in elevator decoration?

     Now with the constant change of our living conditions, our economy is becoming more and more developed. For some high-end residential areas, when installing elevators, it is necessary to decorate the environment inside the elevator, which is now very popular elevator decoration. In this way, when you enter the elevator again, you will feel better. So today I'd like to introduce what should be paid attention to in elevator decoration.

      1、Pay attention to the lighting in the elevator
        It should be known that such facilities are designed to provide more convenience to passengers, and users have certain mobility and uncertainty. The planning of lighting facilities is mainly to help improve the practicability of elevator decoration. Try to choose some light which is soft and even, and can produce decorative effect at night. Then, after choosing the style, the collocation style of the color is determined. Such as comfort, warmth, fashion, simplicity and so on. The rich color can make the elevator produce a sense of hierarchy and have more beautifying effect.

      2、Life saving windows should be left in car decoration
        When the elevator is running suddenly, if the accident can not return to the level, the car door can not be opened, of course, the car is in the sandwich. When the operator needs to use the car roof lifesaving window to rescue the trapped passengers, if the lifesaving window is not left in situ in the decoration, it will add inconvenience and delay to the rescuers. Passengers trapped in more than one second will be more dangerous (first of all, psychological fear), so in the design process should pay attention to the lifesaving window and decoration beautiful at the same time, can not be beautiful and ignore the escape way.

      3、Colour matching is very important
        The color matching of car is also a key part of elevator decoration. We should know that perfect color matching can directly give people a more comfortable visual effect. First of all, the elevator should be used in different places, then choose the style, and then decide on the color matching style. Such as comfort, warmth, fashion, simplicity and so on. The rich color can make the elevator produce a sense of hierarchy and have more beautifying effect.

        For the interior decoration of the elevator, on the one hand, we have to consider the decoration of some safety exits, in fact, the most important thing is to consider whether the overall decoration style of the elevator is in line with. For some decoration styles and visual effects, we also need special attention, because the elevator decoration is also a very important project.

  5. Introduction to the Performance and Principle of Elevator Buffer

     In our daily life, the elevator is one of the things we often use. Especially in some office buildings, the use rate of elevators is much higher. Many people are very interested in the principle of elevator's manned use, but they don't know much about it. So tonight, we will introduce the principle of elevator buffer performance in detail. Related introduction.

      1、Basic Principle of Elevator Buffer
        In the design of CPU, the DC load capacity of output line can drive a TTL load. In the connection, an address line or data line of CPU may connect multiple memory chips, but the memory chips are mostly capacitive loads, and the DC load is much smaller than the TTL load. Therefore, in small-scale systems, CPU can be directly connected with memory, and buffer is needed in large-scale systems. If any program or data is to be used by CPU, it must be put into main memory (memory), that is, CPU only exchanges data with main memory, so the speed of main memory determines the running speed of the system to a great extent.

      2、Introduction of Throttle Principle
        Under the same stopping conditions, the buffer has a short time. Most of the kinetic energy is stored in oil through accumulator, and the other part is consumed by heat through throttling. In theory. The best way of throttling is trapezoidal convex and porous. In this paper, we must consider the structure, function, cost and other factors to determine the optimal buffer performance scheme from the theoretical design, and use radial distribution throttle orifices to achieve the throttling of the buffer process. Although the piston accumulator is not as sensitive as the leather bag accumulator, and has high requirements for cylinder block processing and piston seal performance, the design can achieve the integration of buffer structure, reduce the cost and compact structure. Therefore, the piston accumulator is finally selected.

      3、Elevator Hydraulic Buffer Distance
        In order to prevent the traction drive elevator from overspeeding in the upward running process of the car and causing the elevator to rush to the top, the upper end station forced deceleration switch, upper limit protection switch, upper limit protection switch, up-going overspeed protection device and counterweight buffer are installed on the elevator as safety protection devices. The upper limit protection switch and the upper limit protection switch are used to protect the elevator safety by braking. When the brake of elevator car fails at the level of the highest station and the weight of counterweight is greater than the weight of the car, the lift will slide up to the top of the car. When the car is at the level of the highest station, for the energy storage buffer, the distance between the top of the buffer and the collision plate of the counterweight device should be 200 MM-350 mm, and for the consumption. Energy buffer, the distance should be 150 mm - 400 mm.

        The above is about the elevator buffer performance and principle. The whole content introduces that the elevator is actually a very complex product. Its internal structure and internal structure are also quite complex. For ordinary people, as long as we understand the basic principles, if the elevator appears phase. If the accident happens, we can make some simple judgments in time.

  6. What are the protection requirements for elevator anti-personnel shearing and falling?

       Elevator safety protection device is very important, because in the event of an elevator accident, elevator safety protection device can play a very good protective role. But during the construction of elevator, the installation personnel of elevator may have some risk of falling, because the installation of elevator is a vertical device from top to bottom, so today we will introduce the protection and requirements of elevator anti-personnel shearing and falling.

      1、Relevant facilities meet safety standards
        The car door and floor door must be equipped with electrical safety contacts to verify the closed state of the door and remain valid. The gap between the door and the surrounding structure shall not be greater than the prescribed value. In particular, the retaining wheel under the pulley of the layer door should be adjusted regularly to prevent the gap at the lower part of the middle door from being too large. The door lock must meet the requirements of Safety specifications and pass the type test. The strength and meshing depth of the locking element must be guaranteed. Electrical safety contacts must conform to the requirements of safety specifications, and ordinary electrical switches must not be used. Wiring and installation must be reliable, and to prevent misoperation due to electrical interference.

      2、Protection against over-speed and rope breakage of elevator
        Elevator due to control failure, traction inadequate, brake failure or braking force inadequate, and overload rope breakage and other reasons will cause car overspeed and fall, therefore, reliable protection measures must be taken. The protection device against overspeed and rope breakage is safety clamp-speed limiter system. Safety pliers are mechanical devices that stop the car (or counterweight) from moving downward. Safety pliers should be installed in all elevator car suspended by wire rope or chain. Safety forceps can also be set for counterweight when there is room for people to enter under the bottom pit. Safety pliers are usually mounted on the bottom beam of the sedan car frame, and act on the guide rail in pairs at the same time.

      3、Rescue device
        In the past, the rescue of the trapped elevator mainly used the method of self-rescue, that is, the operator in the car climbed up the top of the car from the upper safety window and opened the floor door. With the development of elevators, elevators without manned personnel are widely used. It is not only dangerous but also almost impossible to use self-rescue method. So now the elevator is designed to ensure that rescue must be carried out from the outside. The rescue device includes the emergency manual operation device of the tractor and the manual unlocking device of the floor door.

        In the elevator accident, once the personnel shear and fall such accident consequences are very serious. Therefore, there are relevant provisions for the protection requirements of these accidents. Some safety devices in the elevator, such as door locks and buffers, should have relevant safety protection, so as to play a final protection role to ensure the safety of personnel and elevator structure.

  7. How should children deal with dangerous accidents when they take the elevator?

     In our modern life, elevators are everywhere, especially in some residential areas, many families have children. Now with the increasing number of elevator accidents, as parents, we may also worry about some elevator accidents when children take the elevator. So we need to teach our children relevant safety standards in time. Today, we will introduce how to deal with dangerous accidents when children take the elevator.

    1、Asking for help and self-help
        When the elevator suddenly falls in an emergency, don't mess up. Press the button on each floor quickly. Press it from the bottom to the top. Press it again with the fastest speed, whether it's bright or not. With good luck, the elevator may stop falling on a certain floor. Don't try to push the inner door of the elevator. If there is an emergency exit on the ceiling of the elevator, don't climb out. If the exit plate is closed unexpectedly, the elevator may suddenly start and cause unbalance. Then choose a corner not near the door, knees bent, body in a semi-squat position, try to maintain balance, when there are children to hold the child in their arms.

    2、Don't play in the elevator
        In the case of elevator failure, parents only need to press the emergency button to wait for rescue. Never open the door of the car by hand. This is more dangerous. If the elevator is in the crack of two floors at this time, it is more dangerous to drop the crack carelessly. Don't let the child slap the closed car door when riding with the child. If the door suddenly opens, the child's hand is likely to be clipped into the crack along with the open door. When sitting on the escalator, children should be careful not to let them jump. They should stand on the right side of the escalator. They can grasp the handrail with one hand to prevent accidental falls such as being pushed, and they should not let the children play on their own in the elevator.

      If there are handrails in the elevator, please hold the handrails tightly with one hand to prevent injuries caused by unstable center of gravity. At the same time, make self-protection actions: knee bending position, using knee bending to withstand heavy pressure; lift heel, that is, stand on tiptoe, if there are few people in the elevator, it is best to extend the arms to grasp the handrail or adhere to the wall of the elevator; the whole back and head are close to the inner wall of the elevator, in a straight line, using the wall of the elevator as the spine. Protection.

        In addition, parents should also be reminded that when we take the elevator, if we find some abnormal conditions in the elevator. It is also necessary to inform nurses in time for safety checks. When educating our children, our parents should also tell them how to take the elevator safely, and do not let the children do some dangerous actions in the elevator, so as to ensure the safety of their children's lives.

  8. What symptoms will occur when old elevators are scrapped?

     Now, if the elevator is very old, it needs to be scrapped and renovated. Then there will be some symptoms when the elevator is old. Many people will think that the elevator should be replaced if it lasts a long time. In fact, this is not the case. We still need to operate the elevator and some parts. Now let's see what symptoms will occur when the old elevator is discarded.

    1、Status of use
        Whether the elevator needs to be repaired or replaced depends not on the time limit, but on the use of the elevator parts. At present, the state does not have a mandatory scrap standard for old elevators, but carries out risk assessment for old elevators in use. "Through the evaluation of risk sources, the assessment results can be divided into general maintenance, renovation and scrap replacement. For elevators with high risk and no renovation value, scrap replacement is needed.

    2、Look at parts
        The elevator, like the main computer case, is an'assembly'. Chen Fengwang, secretary-general of National Elevator Standardization Technical Committee, said. In the new national standard, whether the elevator is scrapped or not is based on its "assembly parts". The technical conditions for scrapping of these components are also specified in detail, including mechanical damage, abnormal wear, rust, material aging, electrical failure, electrical component damage and other six failure or potential failure modes affecting safe operation. "If the problem of elevator parts is serious according to these technical conditions, the scrapping of the whole machine can be considered.

    3、Transformation problem
        Generally, the old ladder transformation can be put on the agenda in more than 10 years. Overhaul is generally a remedy for the symptoms but not the root cause. It is not only the renewal and maintenance of the original elevator, but also the replacement of new parts, without changing the specifications and functions of the original elevator. The transformation is based on the original elevator to upgrade its functions, such as adding storeys, adding functions, changing specifications, changing systems, etc. That is to say, the elevator equivalent to the new specifications after the transformation needs to be re-checked and received the elevator qualification certificate. Overhaul refers to the replacement of the main engine, or wire rope, etc. Overhaul can not change the brand of the original elevator, but the transformation can change the brand of the original elevator.

        Now if the elevator is used for a long time, it will need to be scrapped. If it is scrapped, it will need to look at some symptoms. Many people do not know how to look at it. In fact, according to the use of elevators and components, we can see whether it is necessary to scrap the elevator or rebuild it. The above is the relevant content for you. Thank you for your observation.

Project Management
  1. How to avoid elevator safety accidents?

     Now the more high-rise buildings are built, the more elevators are built, but we will find that elevator accidents happen more and more. So when the elevator quality problems arise, who should bear the responsibility? Whether passengers or elevator companies, they should do a good job of daily maintenance to prevent this kind of safety accident. Now let's see how to avoid the elevator safety accident.

        1、Elevator overload can not sit
        When taking the elevator, we should pay attention to the fact that the elevator can not be taken when it is overloaded. Do not use too long thin rope to lead pets to take a ride, apply hand tightening or holding, in order to prevent the rope from being clamped by the floor, car door, resulting in safety accidents. When passengers wear loose and towed clothes (such as long skirts, dresses, etc.), they should pay attention to tidying up their clothes and stand in the car as far as possible to avoid being caught by the floor and door, causing personal injury. When using the elevator to carry bulky articles with large volume and long size, the weight of the checked goods should not exceed the elevator load. When entering and leaving the car, we should avoid reckless dragging, so as to avoid damaging the elevator equipment and causing dangerous accidents.

        2、When taking the elevator, we should pay attention to the fact that the elevator can not be taken when it is overloaded. Do not use too long thin rope to lead pets to take a ride, apply hand tightening or holding, in order to prevent the rope from being clamped by the floor, car door, resulting in safety accidents. When passengers wear loose and towed clothes (such as long skirts, dresses, etc.), they should pay attention to tidying up their clothes and stand in the car as far as possible to avoid being caught by the floor and door, causing personal injury. When using the elevator to carry bulky articles with large volume and long size, the weight of the checked goods should not exceed the elevator load. When entering and leaving the car, we should avoid reckless dragging, so as to avoid damaging the elevator equipment and causing dangerous accidents.

        3、Pay attention to daily maintenance
        In the daily maintenance of elevators, it is necessary to clean the wire rope when it is found dirty. If there is oil stain, it will slip, and it is easy to wear and tear, leading to broken strands. "The whole wire rope will not break. As long as elevator maintenance workers find that a steel wire in the wire rope is worn to a certain extent, or a partial broken strand, they need to replace it immediately. Assuming that all protective measures fail, even if all the wire ropes of the car are broken, the car will fall uncontrollably, and the result of direct impact on the ground will not occur. Because the elevator is also equipped with a buffer device at the bottom, the elevator falls down like it falls on a spring.

        Nobody wants to see the elevator accident, so it should be thought-provoking for the elevator accident. We must learn some self-rescue methods when we take the elevator in our daily life, and the elevator company should also maintain it regularly. Only in this way can elevator accidents be fundamentally eliminated.

  2. What are the matters needing attention in elevator and escalator decoration design?

     Now the elevator decoration is very important not only for practicality, but also for aesthetic problems. Now the higher the floor is, the more important the elevator is. These are to go through a certain design, material and color and so on need a special design. Now let's look at the elevator, escalator decoration design, what are the matters needing attention?

    1、Color matching
        Space color should mainly meet the spiritual and functional requirements, in order to make people feel comfortable. In terms of functional requirements, we should first analyze the nature of each space application, such as: residential buildings should aim at comfort and warmth, and give priority to weak contrast colors. In color design of elevator space, we should embody the sense of stability, rhythm and rhythm, seek change in unity and unity in change.

    2、Elevator safety management
        Keep car and doorsill pit clean. The entrance pit of elevator should be cleaned regularly. Do not overload the elevator to avoid accidents. Children should not be allowed to take the elevator alone. Instruct passengers not to jump in the car, as this may lead to improper movements of elevator safety pliers and the occurrence of people-related incidents. Do not knock the elevator button with hard objects, causing man-made damage, thereby causing failure. Smoking is prohibited in the car. Watch out for strangers entering and leaving the elevator. If conditions permit, a closed-circuit television surveillance system for sedan cars can be installed to prevent elevator crimes. Do not refit the elevator privately. If necessary, please contact the professional elevator company. In addition to the specially designed cargo elevator, do not use motor forklifts to lift or unload cargo in the elevator.

    3、Texture of material
        Metal material is mainly stainless steel plate, often used in elevator car walls, car doors. According to different grades, it can be divided into hairline plate, mirror panel, mirror etching plate, titanium plate and gold plated plate. Wood material is mainly used in the wall, floor or ceiling of elevator car. There are many kinds of wood materials in elevator decoration, including beech, beech, broomcorn and other wood, which need to be treated by fire protection to meet the fire acceptance standards. When we decorate the elevator, we first need to consider the lighting conditions inside the elevator. In order to make it more convenient for passengers to get up and down the elevator, we need to consider not only the decorative performance of the elevator lighting equipment, but also its practical performance. It is better to choose those light with softer light.

        Above is for you to introduce the elevator in the decoration design of some points for attention, then the matters to be noted are very many. So we must pay attention to some color matching and some safety problems in decoration, so the elevator material is also very important, if the matching effect is good, you can feel very happy. Elevator decoration is also in line with everyone's aesthetic ability.

  3. What should we pay attention to in elevator maintenance knowledge?

        The words of elevator are very common in our life. Elevators need to be maintained constantly. As we all know, many people will neglect some matters needing attention in the maintenance of elevator engine room. Elevator room is where maintenance personnel often stay, so we should pay more attention to the environment of the room. Next, I will introduce to you the elevator maintenance knowledge of the computer room environment maintenance what needs to pay attention to?

        1、Staff Only
        The machine room should be managed by maintenance and repair personnel, other non-professional personnel should not enter at will, the machine room should be locked, and marked with the words "the machine room is heavy, the idle people are not allowed to enter". The machine room must ensure that there is no possibility of rain and snow intrusion, that it is well ventilated and kept warm, that it should be clean, dry, dust-free and corrosive gas except humidity, and that there should be no other articles except the tools and equipment necessary for inspection and maintenance. Cleaning and lubrication of elevator car boots. Everyone knows that the guide boots are running on the guide rails, and there are oil cups on the guide boots. In order to make the elevator run without friction, it is necessary to regularly refuel the oil cups and clean the guide boots, and to clean the car's hygiene. Maintenance of elevator hall door and sedan door. Elevator failures generally occur in elevator hall doors and sedan-chair doors, so attention should be paid to the maintenance of the hall doors and sedan-chair doors.

        2、Fire extinguishers must have
        Fire extinguishers capable of extinguishing electrical fire should be installed in the engine room. When the elevator is not used for a long time, the main power switch in the engine room should be disconnected. Except for the specified elevator equipment, sundries shall not be stored or piped gas pipelines shall be laid in the well. The well shall be kept clean and tidy, and there shall be no tower dust or dust. After repair, the elevator should be checked several times before it is put into operation. If the replacement of important parts is carried out, the test run should be carried out many times. Make sure that there are no errors before putting into operation, and make relevant records.

        3、Matters needing attention in maintenance
        Apart from the elevator car parking in B2, B1, floor and other upper floors, the daily maintenance and repair of elevator (changing lights, repairing buttons in the car, etc.) must be carried out at the bottom (B3, B4 floors) before relevant operations are carried out. When the elevator has been maintained, the elevator should be tested several times to confirm that there is no abnormality before it is put into operation. If the elevator shutdown operation is needed in the maintenance work of the engine room, the corresponding power switch should be carefully confirmed and then the switch should be pulled to avoid the emergency shutdown of the elevator caused by misoperation. For the repair of elevator failure, the repairman should carefully check the elevator failure. Avoid the occurrence of real problems that do not solve the elevator failure again or the expansion of the situation.
        Elevators need constant maintenance, so sometimes not only elevators need to be maintained, but also elevator rooms need to be maintained frequently. Elevator environment is also very important. The environment of the machine room will affect some storage problems of elevators. So we have to check carefully and strictly in every work, and we have to change in advance. Only in this way can the quality of the elevator be guaranteed.

  4. How can customized home elevator manufacturers achieve long-term development?

     At present, more and more enterprises begin to participate in the competition of customized household elevator market, followed by uneven product quality, unsatisfactory product effect, inadequate service and other issues. The problem of customized household elevator market has become increasingly prominent. So how can customized household elevator manufacturers achieve long-term development?
    一、Product Design
      For customized household elevator products, the attraction to consumers is that they can meet the personalized needs of consumers. Consumers can participate in product design and customization, and can add their favorite elements. However, if the customized elevator manufacturer's product design ability is insufficient, then Singling family elevator thinks that the product may be far from the ideal effect of consumers, which is also the reason for the continuous noise of consumers in the market.

      二、Bad Competition
      With the increasing number of customized household elevator brands, the market competition has become more intense. There are also some illegal enterprises that are willing to take bad competition to obtain short-term immediate benefits. "Shanzhai Products", "Price War" and "Suboptimal Products" are common means. This is not only a vicious competition which is harmful to others but also has a good impact on the healthy development of customized household elevator industry.
      Customized household elevator development is a trend, but in such a trend, household elevator manufacturers need to start from their own, to a greater extent to meet consumer needs, promote the healthy development of the industry, identify market pain points, in order to achieve more long-term development.

      For modern consumers, not only good products, but also good service attitude. Consumers spend money on products, buy psychological enjoyment, and feel at ease when using products. If customized home elevator manufacturers can ensure that from pre-sale to after-sale are very thoughtful and perfect service, for consumers will exceed expectations, consumers will naturally prefer principles such as home elevator enterprises.




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